At Ease

Easy Evans
Easy Evans


After deciding to record my project I started to mention the concept to people.  I told people that the concept would introduce me as an artist and also show my easy-going demeanor that most say that I show.  My trusted friends told me that I had to stretch my range and soul otherwise nobody would like it.  I did the opposite and as a result they liked it. 



Verse 1


Throughout all the day

Takes you form the very thing to get the work complete

Though you know

The odds are at stake

You feel like you can balance and play around, be in a crowd

Then back to your space

The way you spend your time

Club hop shop or dine

People will be

Time consuming

Always coming at you

When it comes to reality

Choose responsibly

Mind matter you’ll see

I plan to put you at ease



Happy with what I do

So nice to share with you

I don’t mind spending my time

Pen and pad to song write

So stress relieving

Ideas out of my head

Listen if you will

To something you can feel

It’ll put you at ease


Verse 2

No matter what mood or state you wanna be

Music’s for the mind and soul thoughts in harmony

Day is good or bad

Your ability

Relax breathe control and feel the melody

The way that you spend your time

And want to unwind

You feel free

To listen to me

And the people round you

Put in this CD

Prop up your feet

If you’re at home or your jeep

I plan to keep you at ease




Verse 3

So much going on in the world now today

War recession illness and clogged up mental space

No telling how much negative you face

Hoping to get over

At the end of the day

The way that you spend your time

With people you like your kind

These things to me


Reinforce a good dream

Just think reality

But choose responsibly

In the end you’ll see

You will be at ease




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