It's True

Easy Evans
Easy Evans


This song is about the possible end of a love affair.  Many try to keep their relationships in tact but sub-consciously they know the end is near.  The lyrics in this song let the person know your efforts.  One hardly ever wants the answer to “why did we break up” you. 



It’s thoughts of you

All day

At work

It’s that smile

In my car

Going where

Near or far

That laugh

Those words

So soothing

On my mind

You question

But it’s true


Verse 1

You feel that I always want my way

Times together not often you say

How can I demonstrate that?

I’m no maniac

Working at a deal

To pay the bills

So you can chill

We’ll spend our time

Must I remind?

You’re on my mind

Feels so right

Not selfish to conclude

It’s really all about you

Next issue to discuss

Believing in us




Verse 2

Pay attention to my actions babe

I’m constantly calling

Cause texting ain’t my thang

End of my busy day

I stop by your place

Just to see you

And to touch you

Put you in my view

With quality time

Will be just fine

You’re on my mind

Don’t be so blind

Planning to spend time with you

Try and schedule some things to do

I never questioned us

Do I have your trust?



Even through my hectic day (My hectic day, such a long day)

Knowing that I have you I’m okay (I will be just fine with you on my mind)








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