Let Loose

Easy Evans
Easy Evans


Still a happy hour attendee, Easy decided that on his CD that their needed to be a club song that talks about fun times while there.  Leaving straight from work to “at the after work spot” get to the club for some fun.  He definitely thought of girls dropping it like it’s hot on this one. 



At the after work spot

Heading out to the parking lot

Jump in the ride about a quarter to nine

We gone party until the sunshine



Verse 1

When you go out to a party

You have to go with somebody

Or meet some old friends

Or new friends

Just be social while you

Check out the scene its inviting

Large or small crowd you still try it

Go and have a good time

Leisure time

It’s so easy to do when you



Dance drink, let loose

Watch think, let loose

Booty shaking, let loose

Participate, let loose

Gather round, let loose

Got to be down, let loose

Coolest around, let loose

Want to see you, let loose


Verse 2

DJ is pumping your tunes

Seems like it’s played just for you

See your fingers get to snap

Dip in your back

As you move to the center of the room

Now everyone can see you

Want to see what you gone do

It party time, wild out time

Come on and bust them moves





Give me a different scene

From my normal routine

And let me just do my thang

Let me just do my thang

You know I’m a do my thang

About a quarter to nine leave the stress behind

Promise you’ll be just fine

Promise you’ll be just fine

Let loose and you’ll be just fine





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