Not to Late

Easy Evans
Easy Evans


Talk about pursing your dreams.  This track is very personal for Easy Evans because it really talked about his fears, determination, and success toward his goals.  In each verse he has a whisper to a response such as “(Mom and pops sell my CDs) I can do this”


It’s Not To Late



It’s not to late to pursue

What you thinking

Go and do what you choose

Put past behind you


Verse 1

You been thinking for so long

About a feeling so strong

Yet still you hold on, (to excuses)

Time to turn your mind around

Self-defeat kept you down

Now you’ve been waiting

Set a goal (time to do it)

What’s your plan (write a list)

Draw the line (mean it)

Take a stand (fight for it)

Might get hard (it gets easy)

Going thru (you’ll get better)

Time for you (now and never)

Your decision




Verse 2

Procrastination time moved on

I couldn’t take it anymore

When how was I gonna do this, clueless

Then I made up my mind

Felt the timing was right

Cause I’ve been waiting

I set my goal (put you at ease)

Devised my plan (called a friend)

Took a chance (because I can)

It was a challenge

Now I’m with you (vocally)

Up on stage I want to be

Ma & Pa’s sell my CD’s

I can do this




Verse 3

People have a lot to say

Pay no mind, do your way

You’ll be happy end of day if

You get

To achieve you believe

Your faith to reach

They’ll still be hating

What you did

To get ahead

Ignore the hype

It’s your life

As long as you

Are good with you

Satisfy you

You can do it



And now you hear me

I hope you feel me

And you can see me

I hope you see me

Sincerely, Sincerely Easy 



Adlib out 


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